Worldview Training

Welcome to the Biblical Worldview Training Center.

The links below are short web streamed videos from 2 minutes to 15 minutes in length. These are a systematic set of links that you can watch individually, as a family, as a workplace group, civic group, church group etc.

You can also refer friends to these links via embedding them in email, Facebook pages, or website pages.

The videos stream from either YOUTUBE or from a secondary server. You can pause them at anytime. Just click and watch. [note your first video stream may take 10 to 30 seconds to load depending on your connection


World View Training Center
Worldview – Whats and Whys?
Worldview – What it is and Why it is Important-9m
Worldview – A Challenge to Leaders and the Church-6m
Engaging Your Mind-4m
The Importance of Understanding Other Worldviews-8m
Worldview – Why Christians Do Not Have a Biblical Worldview-1m
(see section on Other Worldviews below)
Worldview Discussion Starters
What is the meaning of Life?-3m
What is Truth?-3m
What is right and wrong?-3m
What is Evil?-3m
Who is God?-3m
What is Family?-3m
What is Work?-3m
What is Law?-3m
What is Church?-3m
The Cultural Mandate – Stewarding Culture
The Cultural Mandate – What is it?-8m
The Cultural Mandate – The state of the church-2m
The Cultural Mandate – 5 Key Points to Understand-6m
The Cultural Mandate – In the Lord’s Prayer-5m
Cultural Makers – Examples of Making Culture
Making Culture – Nursing-2m
Making Culture – Food Services-2m
Making Culture – Education-2m
The Nature of God and Nature of Man
Coming Soon
Societal Structure – Individual, Family, Church, Government
Society Structure – One That Works-12m
Society Structure – One That is Broken-6m
Society Structure – Churches Role-2m
Society Structure – Biblical Basis-6m
Society Structure – Reformation to Constitution-13m
Societal Areas of Study – Biblical Worldview
Biblical Worldview – Religion & Theology-5m
Biblical Worldview – Philosophy-6m
Biblical Worldview – Ethics and Morals-5m
Biblical Worldview – Science & Biology-6m
Biblical Worldview – Psychology-5m
Biblical Worldview – Sociology-5m
Biblical Worldview – Law-5m
Biblical Worldview – Civics-6m
Biblical Worldview – Economics-5m
Biblical Worldview – History-6m
Societal Areas of Study – Secular Humanism
Theology – Secular Humanism-5m
Philosophy-Secular Humanism-3m
Ethics and Morals-Secular Humanism-4m
Science-Secular Humanism-4m
Psychology-Secular Humanism-3m
Sociology-Secular Humanism-3m
Law – NewAge-Secular Humanism-3m
Civics – Secular Humanism-2m
Economics – Secular Humanism-2m
History – New Age-4m
Education – Secular Humanism-3m
Societal Areas of Study – Marxism
Theology – Marxist-5m
Philosophy – Marxist-5m
Ethics and Morals-Marxism-4m
Psychology – Marxist-2m
Sociology- Marxist-4m
Law – Marxist-2m
Civics – Marxist-2m
Economics – Marxist-7m
History – Marxist-3m
Education – Marxism-7m
The 5 Views of History – How it Impacts Your Life-5m
(see History and the U.S. Founding Documents below)
Work – A ministry and calling-8m
Work – Experiencing God’s Creativity P1 -9m
Work – Experiencing God’s Creativity P2 -7m
Work – 10 Ways a Christian impacts their work-18m
Work – Experiencing God in the Workplace-20m
Arts, Entertainment, Education, Government
Coming Soon
Media – Its Power to Manipulate-8m
News – Its History, Its Nature, Its Impact-7m
News – Having Discernment-4m
News – It’s Impact on Culture part1-6m
News – It’s Impact on Culture part2-7m
History and the U.S. Founding Documents
See for a comprehensive set of training webinars on this topic.
Importance of History – How it Impacts Your Life-4m
U.S. Founding Documents – How They Work Together-4m
The Declaration – 9 Concepts Everyone Should Know-10m
The Declaration – God’s Providences & Biblical Principles-14m
U.S. Constitution – 5 Concepts Everyone Should Know-14m
U.S. Constitution – God’s Providences & Biblical Principles-19m
Other Worldviews
The Importance of Understanding Other Worldviews-8m
Secular Humanism – As a Religion-14m
Secular Humanism – Contrasted with Biblical Worldview-3m
Secular Humanism – The Established Religion of Public Schools-6m
Postmodernism – History and Understanding-14m
Postmodernism – Results and 10 Opportunities-14m
Postmodernism – Worldviews and 4 Key Questions-14m
Movement Principles – Overview-10m
Movement Principle 1 – Inspiration-4m
Movement Principle 2 – Call to Action-6m
Movement Principle 3 – Training-4m
Movement Principle 4 – Sphere Influence-9m
Movement Principle 5 – Teams-3m
Movement Principle 6 – Tools and Strategies-8m
Movement Principle 7 – Campaigns-7m
Movement Principle 8 – Leadership-4m
Movement Principle 9 – Environment and Atmosphere-4m
Movement Principle 10 -Rigorous Analysis-3m
Movement Principles – Conclusion-6m
Understanding Organic Networks
Organic Networks – Overview-12m
Organic Networks – Key Ingredients-2m
Organic Networks – Pre-Launch-5m
Organic Networks – Launch-5m
Organic Networks – First Meetings-9m
Organic Networks – Next Steps-2m
Organic Networks – pdf
Revolutionary Ideas
Diversity – Pros and Cons of Modern Diversity Movement-22m
Full Length Seminars
God’s Providences in the American Revolution -35m
Gods Providences in the Pilgrims Story -35m
St. Patrick – The Rest of the Story -25m
Brochures, Handouts, Tools
A Global Workplace Movement
A Vision for Our Workplace
Prayer Tool 1 – Workplace Prayer Movements
Prayer Tool 2 – Prayers for My Company & Day at Work
Prayer Tool 3 – Prayers for Coworkers, Family, and Friends
Prayer Tool 4 – Prayers for Starting Something New
Cultural and Worldview Related Articles
A World Split Apart-pdf