Holiday Brochures

Purpose of the Holiday Brochure Initiative

The Holiday Brochure Initiative’s mission is to use the history and principles of US Holidays to re-educate people to our country’s rich history as well as challenge individuals to good citizenship, personal responsibility and personal growth in faith. These brochures are professionally published and offer an interesting history and/or perspective of the 20 major holidays of the United States

Holiday Brochures can be shared with family, friends, customers, vendors, employees, students or members of your church, civic group or other organization. . They leave a positive and lasting impression.

Holiday History Brochure Price Sheet and Ordering Information

Cultural Renewal

One culture from history that has been studied thoroughly serves as a good example of this decay of society: the Roman Republic.

There were several reasons the Roman Republic collapsed, however the most stated reasons were: the moral decay of individuals and society, the loss of personal responsibility, the loss of understanding of their own history, and a loss of understanding of their republican form of government.

A cultural writer and leader of the time began to write about Roman history and to call the people back to good citizenship and personal responsibility. This initiative proved to be effective, except that Roman culture had already arrived at its tipping point of decay. Eventually the preserving effect was overcome by the negative cultural momentum.

Will America go this same direction ?

The Importance of History

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America considered history the most important subject to be mastered. Without understanding history, citizens of this country would not know their past or what was expected of them in the future. They would lose their sense of stewardship responsibility to future generations.

.President Abraham Lincoln said this; “The philosophy in the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government for the next.”

President Woodrow Wilson said this; “A nation that does not know from where it has come, cannot know where it is going.”

Why the brochures are effective

The Holiday Brochure set is effective for several reasons:

  • Simple, Interesting & Easy to Read – Every brochure pulls together some interesting history or principles in a concise fashion, that is presented clearly and can be read in 2-3 minutes.
  • Professionally designed – The design of both the individual brochures and the complete set brings credibility to the message.
  • Major Holidays – The set ties into our major holidays so that there are consistent opportunities throughout the year.
  • Story based – Each brochure tells a story and weaves in elements of good citizenship, responsibility or personal faith.
  • Provocative Questions – A set of questions engages the reader on the story and how it applies to their life and challenges them to make a difference and to take steps of faith.
  • Conversation Starter – They are designed to get people thinking and talking about things that are important.

Potential Uses – Complete Set Uses

  • Businesses & organizations – put current monthly holiday out in the lobby or employee area for two weeks before the holiday.
  • Churches – challenge business owners and individuals in their congregations to use the complete set.
  • Individuals – use the complete set with family around the dinner table, or with friends and neighbors to start a discussion.
  • Individuals – advocate for businesses, YMCA, and other organizations to use them and even underwrite the cost for an organization to put them out.

Potential Uses – Specific Holiday Uses

Choose 4-6 holidays during the year

  • Businesses – include in mailings to vendors, customers and clients.
  • Churches – pass out one to each member and challenge them to consider 5 friends they could give one to. Have them pick up an additional set of 5 after service.
  • Individuals – Consider mailing out 20-100 to friends at Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc…
  • Conferences, Seminars, Workshops & Events – give out the brochure for that month.
  • Patriotic Holidays – are particularly great opportunities to make available the Understanding the Declaration, Understanding the Constitution, or Civics 101 brochures. These can be used multiple times a year to train individuals in good citizenship as well as challenge people to faith growth.