Welcome to the Workplace Ministry Training and the Biblical Worldview Training Center. To read about the goals of each Training Center please see the sections below.

To go directly to the Training Centers use the tabs at the top of the page.

Workplace Ministry Training

Our vision is for tens of thousands of workplace professionals to be trained and equipped for workplace ministry through this training center.

Individuals will be trained and equipped for ministry.

Teams of Christians at Companies would push to have every believer at their company take advantage of this on-line training so they can strengthen their company movement.

Churches would encourage every working person in their congregation to be trained and equipped to be a missionary to their world of work.The convenience of this training 24/7 allows a breadth of impact and equipping that could never be accomplished through face to face meetings alone. It will tremendously expand the number of Christians who will have a vision for their work as ministry.Please go to the Workplace Ministry Training Tab and watch the two videos:

What God is Doing in the Workplace and the Overview of the Workplace Ministry Training.  

This will give a vision for God’s activity in the world, a vision for your world of work, and an overview of what is being offered through this Training Center

Biblical Worldview Training

This on-line training center is composed of a growing number of Worldview Seminars on a variety of topics that affect our world.The Web Seminars are short and transferable. They are from 3 to 15 minutes in length depending on the topic.This format allows the user to watch Webinars several times in a row or over time in order to master the topic. It also makes this training available 24/7/365.

We hope you enjoy our current offerings and sign up to be informed as new Web Seminars are developed.Please add your comments when you sign up as to how these seminars have helped you and your vision for impacting others.We are glad you are here