Young men and women in the business community are making decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Within the marketplace these young men and women acquire skills that enable them to make a living and get paid for that skill, but where will they get the skills to learn how to build healthy relationships, to be men and women of integrity, and to be spiritually fulfilled?

The National Workplace Ministry Network
is a national coalition of workplace ministries who are working with Creative and Corporate Professionals, Company CEOs, City Leaders, and Church Leaders who desire to see the workplaces and cities of America and the world transformed.  The networks seeks to be a resource for young professionals, providing opportunities to explore issues of success, personal leadership and significance in a variety of venues.We believe as individual lives are changed, so will the lives of families, companies, and cities will be transformed in a positive fashion. Our vision is for professional men and women to:

  • Have a dynamic and fresh relationship with God.
  • See how their faith really works day to day in the marketplace.
  • See the relevance of the Bible to their lives and the challenges they face.
  • Have an impact in the corporate world and community.