Company Ambassador

Company Ambassadors are those leaders who are feeling called to be a point person at their place of work. They are believing God to use them in their workplace as an individual, as a team with others, and with other Company Ambassadors at other businesses. Together with other workplace professionals they want to be a part of the bigger movement of God in the marketplace of their city.

Religious Freedom in the Workplace
The purpose of this resource is to help inform workplace professionals of their legal freedoms and rights at work. The primary hope is that it will instill confidence in people of faith, that they do not need to “check” their faith at the door of the office. Contrary to what many people think, there is no law requiring the workplace to be a religion-free zone. Federal and state laws protect the religious freedoms of employers and employees.

The Business Case for Faith and Work Integration – and more faith-work integration is being recognized as real geniune social/spiritual movement in the marketplace. This 4 page article from the Wharton School of Business captures well the nature of this growing trend.

The Embedded Workplace Believer Workbook – This is a free 70 page downloadable workbook that helps pull together vision and practical action steps to begin to step out in faith for how God might use you further in your workplace.

110 Ways to Use the Workplace Ministry Toolset – This document provides over 110 ideas on how to use Workplace Movement tools to transform a workplace environment or culture while also preparing people to take steps of faith in trusting Christ or growing in Christ

Company Ambassador Quick Start – This is a one page sheet that provides you ideas on how to form a team of people at your company that has an interest in integrating faith and work, positively impacting company culture, and being effective spokespeople for Christ in the workplace.

The Workplace Ministry Training Center – The Workplace Ministry Training Center is an equipping and resourcing center with some of the most cutting edge strategies and tools for today’s diverse marketplace. You can watch them on your computer, ipad, iphone, any device you want. You can take them to your business location, your church group, your Bible Study or anywhere you want to create a small group discussion. Look for the entire list of links under the training tab. This simply links to the Workplace Ministry Training Tab on this site.

Employee Resource [Diversity] Group – Discussion Paper
– There is a real cross current in the marketplace today in terms of corporate diversity initiatives and whether religious groups should be allowed to form. It is a interesting discussion as to whether it is more beneficial for Christians to operate within a company with formal vs. informal recognition. These tools are designed to help you figure that out and to apply for a recognized group if that is a direction you are led to pursue. This is a 12 page pdf.

Employee Resource Group – Sample Application
– This is a sample of an application that can be used as a framework for applying for a Christian Resource Group at your company if this idea makes sense for your corporate situation.

Employee Resource Groups – One Person’s Story
– White never thought God would assign her such a task, but she became convinced that God was directing her to form a Christian Employee group at the IRS. Here is her story. This is about 13 minute streamed video.